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At the beginning of June 2017 all stock and the sole rights to Castle Cord were passed over to www.magiciansrope.co.uk. -
Orders can be placed on their website for immediate dispatch.

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  • Cliff Lount's Magic Studio
    During 2011 Castle Magical Services acquired the business and rights of the Bradford Magic Studio – a company set up and operated by Cliff Lount since 1949.

    We will be remaking and supplying a number of its classic magic effects in the near future.

    The manufacturing rights are held for quite a number of Bradford Magic Studio effects – some still in production, some now discontinued and many still ‘on file’ waiting to be considered for manufacture.

    Detailed below is a list of the many other effects and rights produced or held by Bradford Magic Studio over the years. The rights now retained by Castle Magical Services.

    The items shown below the list, and on the next five pages, with pictures are still available to buy.

    3 Paddle Monte (Harold G Beaumont)
    20th Century Levitation (Harold G Beaumont)
    A Knotty Problem (Harold G Beaumont)
    Animal House (Alan Driffield)
    Bead Mystery
    Break Thru (Harold G Beaumont)
    Brickie Bob (Ron Baron)
    Bust Up (Ray Howes)
    Card Tray Gag
    Cat and Fiddle (Cyril Tomlinson)
    Change Over Ring
    Chow Chin
    Cigarette Packet Transpo
    Cig-Coin (Cliff Lount)
    Climbing Knot (Douglas Hood)
    Cocktail Hour (Cliff Lount)
    Colin The Cobra
    Colour Changing Wand (Harold G Beaumont)
    Colour Clue
    Comedy Combination (Harold G Beaumont)
    Comedy Egg Routine (Harold G Beaumont)
    Cops & Robbers
    Cords of Phantasia
    Cord Incarnate (Cliff Lount/Max Andrews)
    Day For Any Date
    Easy Fish Catch (Harold G Beaumont)
    Find The Lady
    Find the Winning Hand (Wally Heddon)
    Fooled U Boomerangs (Harold G Beaumont)
    Ghost Card
    Ghost Writer
    Glass Through Glass (Harold G Beaumont)
    Golf (Brian Wright/Cliff Lount)
    Guardsman Brown
    Hairless – (Harold G Beaumont / Cliff Lount)
    Hairless – Jumbo - (Cliff Lount)
    High Frequency Card (Len Belcher)
    Histed’s Pull Thru
    How Odd – close-up
    How Odd – stage
    It’s A Stopper
    Kenkoin (Ken Waller)
    Koins and Glass Kombination (Harold G Beaumont)
    Knotty Knot
    Lount’s Last Card (Jack Hughes/Cliff Lount)
    Lount’s Levitator
    Loop Over
    Making A Deck (Harold G Beaumont)
    Malteaza (Lorenzo of Malta)
    Marvo’s Pipe Dream (Cliff Lount)
    Miracle Cards - (Walt Maddison & Cliff Lount)
    Miracle Penetration (Edmund Rowland)
    Miraculous Ball Trick (Harold G Beaumont)
    Name That Rabbit
    No-thread Haunted Deck (Harold Beaumont)
    New Scarlet Pimpernel (Cliff Lount)
    Noteworthy Prediction
    Nuclear Nonsense (Harold G Beaumont)
    Odd One Out
    One Cup – One Ball – manuscript
    Ornithology At Best! (Ken Waller)
    Pack Switch (Malcolm E Davison)
    Pants or Bra? (Harold G Beaumont)
    Penetrating Die (Cliff Lount)
    Phantom Disc
    Ping Pong Tube (Arnold Crowther)
    Printer's Ink (Harold G Beaumont)
    Pyscho Ball (Ken Pawson)
    Sales Talk (Cliff Lount)
    Second Thoughts (Walt Maddison)
    Slow Motion Three Card Trick (Cliff Lount)
    Snake Can Silk Vanish (Harold G Beaumont)
    Snake Charmer - Reptilian Whimsicality (Harold G Beaumont)
    Spiral Puzzle
    Sputnik! (Cliff Lount)
    Strawberry Milk Shake (Harold G Beaumont)
    Strikingly Alike
    Super Mental Choice (Harold G Beaumont)
    Super Glass Penetration (Harold G Beaumont)
    Sympatic Cards (Jesse Demaline)
    Tearabit (George Blake)
    Three Dice Mystery (Cliff Lount)
    Up-One Block (Harold G Beaumont)
    Wiley Washer
    Xray Xtra
    This Is The Queen
    Two For One – manuscript
    Wattawand (Len Belcher)
    Wizard Production (Cliff Lount)
    Y That Card
     Ali Bongo's Thru The Mirror   "Ali Bongo's Thru The Mirror" 

     Price: £25.00 
     Brickie Bob   "Brickie Bob" 

     Price: £30.00 
     Chow Chin   "Chow Chin" 

     Price: £25.00 
     Discomatic   "Discomatic" 

     Price: £8.00 
     Eyepopper Card Trick   "Eyepopper Card Trick" 

     Price: £5.00 
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